The Best Discounted Rangefinders

The options for golf rangefinders are growing everyday. Whatever route you pick, technology is helping golfers play better and faster. Whether you are late to the party or just looking for an upgrade, here’s our guide to the golf industry’s best affordable and discounted rangefinder options.

1. TEC TEC TEC VPRO 500| $149.99

This fast measuring rangefinder will not only help you fire right at the pin, but it will take into account all the elevation changes of whatever course you want to play. With 6x magnification you will be able to see all the slopes around the green. 

2. GOLF BUDDY LR7 Rangefinder| $199.99

This rangefinder features four targeting modes, standard, scan and pin finder. With the versatility of this rangefinder you will use it enough that it will be well worth the money at a very affordable price.

3. LASER LINK XL1000 | $299.00

Equipped with AccuFLAG technology, this rangefinder will never mistake a pine tree behind the green as a flag. Weighing in at only 7.5 ounces you will never even know this useful tool is in your bag.

4. PRECISION PRO NX7 | $199.95

Water resistant, shock proof and includes a two-year warranty. This tough rangefinder will survive a tornado. Along with the durability it comes pin point accuracy, measuring to 1/10th of a yard.

5. SCOREBAND VIBE Rangefinder | $189.99

With its fast measurements, you will never slow down the group, as this will give you an accurate reading in seconds. With 6x magnification you will be able to see any trouble that is up ahead.

6. SUAOKI PF3 Rangefinder | $299.99

Made with rubber gaskets, the PF3 is a very durable rangefinder, so if you drop it on the course, don’t worry – it won’t break. This rangefinder is accurate up to 600 yards and features diopter adjustment for those who are near sighted or far sighted.

7. VPRO DLX| $179.99

Never find yourself in a fairway bunker again after utilizing VPRO DLX’s scan mode as you can look around the fairway while getting a distance the whole time. You will never measure a tree instead of the flag with this rangefinder as it has first target priority technology.


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