The Best Golf Shoes & Brands

  1. PUMA Golf’s Titantour

Rickie Fowler and Puma Golf are no strangers to challenging the status quo and known for setting new trends in golf.

Puma’s TITANTOUR shoes are said to be the “coolest shoe in golf.

Players can now use the micro-adjusting dial system, called Disc technology, to get a custom fit. So, instead of the traditional laces (which can be a pain to keep re-tying while you’re walking the golf course) you can just simply turn the dial to the right, which tightens the upper part of the shoe.

Not only does this create a custom fit, but it also enhances the stability of the shoe by locking the foot in place.


  • IGNITE foam provides golfers with responsive energy return, extreme comfort and stability
  • Premium leather provides a softer feel, increased durability and a sophisticated look
  • Laceless Disc Closure System provides a fully custom fit with a micro-adjusting reel system that quickly adjusts to your foot for a secure fit and unrivaled comfort.
  • Two-year waterproof guarantee


  • TITANTOUR Ignite Disc – ~$160
    • Black/White
    • White/Blue
    • Black/Grey
    • Gray Violet/White
    • White/Coral Red
    • White/Purple
  • TITANTOUR Ignite Premium Disc – ~$180
    • Black/Dark Grey
    • Gray Violet/Orange
  • IGNITE Spikeless Sport Disc – ~$120
    • Black/White
    • Deep Pink/Navy Blue
    • Grey/Red
  1. Footjoy’s ContourFit

FootJoy has made significant upgrades from top to bottom in their newest golf shoe, giving you a lighter, flexible and more comfortable shoe.

The new DynaFlex outsole has been designed to flex naturally with the foot. Each flex groove is strategically placed to provide maximum flexibility and mobility.

The top of the shoe features a new U-throat design to give the player a more generous fit and a new integrated Achilles heel pad that delivers support and comfort while also working with the connected comfort tongue to lock the foot into the shoe for a precise fit.


  • Soft, Full Grain Waterproof Leather
  • Fine-Tuned Foam 3.0 provides underfoot comfort and soft cushioning without compromising lateral support and stability
  • The Achilles pad featured in Contour Fit provides additional support and comfort in the heel counter
  • FootJoy’s U-Throat lacing system provides a comfortable and forgiving feel in the instep
  • The Dynaflex outsole was designed and developed with strategically placed flex grooves to provide the player with tremendous flexibility while walking and throughout the golf swing
  • The Pulsar cleats feature dynamic cushioning and green-friendly traction


  • ContourFIT laced – $135
    • White/Brown
    • White/Black
    • Black
    • White/Grey
  • ContourFIT with Boa – $155
    • White/Navy
  1. Biion Footwear

Comfortable, lightweight and distinctive. Biion offers many unique and stylish options for those looking for a splash of color in their wardrobe. They have the most fashionable and affordable golf shoes on the market.


  • Made of EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), a material that is very light and flexible and seems to mold itself to your foot, providing a snug fit every time
  • Dual-density midsole and a shock-absorbent insole provides extreme comfort
  • Antimicrobial composites help reduce foot odor


  • Classics – ~$100
    • Black/White
    • White
    • White/Black
    • White/Tan
    • Black/Pink
  • Saddles – ~$100
    • White/Blue
    • White/Yellow
    • White/Orange
    • Black/Red
    • Grey/Lime Green
    • White/Mint
  • Brights – ~$100
    • Black/Pink
    • Green/Tan
    • Navy/Red
    • Grey/Yellow
    • Black/Neon Blue
  • Wingtips – ~$110
    • Blue/White/Silver
    • Red/Sand/Leather
    • Silver/Navy
    • Neon Green/Black
  • Patterns – ~$110
    • Camo
    • Argyle
    • Leopard
    • Anchor
    • Snake
    • Tropical


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