Five Simple Ways To Improve Your Driving

As you know, the driver has become a scoring club in today’s game. You need to hit the ball longer and straighter than ever, to give yourself a chance to shoot a better score.

So, how do you become a better player? What is it that you need to know to improve your game and lower your scores?

Here are five tips and drills that will help improve your driving and overall performance on the course:

1.   Develop a Routine

Developing a routine will help establish proper alignment and proper ball position.

  • Get behind the ball with your feet together and set your clubface down so it is facing an intermediate target. Then, as you look at your target, take a small step with your left foot and slightly larger step with your right foot. This will ensure the ball is in the proper position in the left half of your stance, between the left heel and the center.
  • To practice this, take two clubs and, placing them on the ground, use one to represent the target line and the other to represent your body alignment. Place a third club perpendicular to your body alignment to represent your ball position. This will help you aim correctly.

2. Clubface Control

Opening the clubface too much or too little during your backswing can easily mess up your game.

  • Assume a standard grip and twist your right hand so it faces away from you in the backswing.
  • Some of your rotation will come from turning your body, but most comes from your hands and arms. Learn to turn the face toward the ball sooner in the downswing.
  • The clubface should be open at a 90 degree angle

3. Rotate Your Torso

Too many players try to gain more power by swinging their arms and wrists, when they should be focusing on rotating their torso.

  • To make a correct backswing, establish your address posture and rotate your core by turning your torso away from your target. Position your left shoulder as close to being over your right leg than your left.
  • To practice this, set up in your normal address position and place a club across your shoulders, holding it in place with your hands. Rotate your core away from your target until the club points at the ball on the ground. Now rotate your core toward your target until the other end of the club points at the same spot on the ground. This will allow you to feel the proper rotation of your core while maintaining the same spine angle.

4. Take a Full Swing at Half-Speed

The best way to make sure your swing is in sequence is by taking a full swing but with only half the speed.

  • Make sure you finish in a balanced position when doing this drill. It is all about feeling your swing and building good habits. Once you can feel the clubhead and the proper sequence of your swing, then you can speed up, but just through the hitting area.

5. Power

Every player of any level always wants more power and distance with their drivers. New technologies have improved the design and playability of drivers, but you should know how to use your club to maximize its strengths.

  • To get the shaft to bend, your body must lead both ways — in the backswing and during the downswing. Try starting your swing by using your body to pull the grip end of the club instead of your hands.
  • Then begin your downswing by settling on your front foot, using your body to pull the handle. This will help bend the shaft and generate more power.






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