Best GPS Golf Watches

Have your golf GPS watch track your shots and even improve your swing – tech is here to improve your game, and these are the best offerings available on the market right now.

1.   Precision Pro

GPS Golf Band |  $129.95     Our Price: $99

This watch will never interfere with your golf game, the slim comfortable, feel of this watch makes it one of the easiest watches to wear. You will never have to pay any fees or download anything. It come with 35,000 preloaded courses.


  • Distance to 4 Hazards Per Hole
  • Auto Course Recognition
  • Auto Hole Advancement – after leaving a green and reaching the next hole the GPS Golf Band will automatically change to the new hole.
  • Shot Distance Measurement Feature
  • USGA Tournament Legal
  • 8 Hours of On-Course Battery Life
  • Waterproof up to 32 Feet

2. Golf Buddy

WTX Smart Golf Watch |  $179.99

Preloaded with 38,000 different courses you will be hard pressed to find a course not on this device. This device lets you know valuable information like distance to hazards, distance to front, center and back of green.


  • Simple and fast touch user interface
  • Course update via Bluetooth with GolfBuddy Smartphone app
  • Notifications sync from Smartphone
  • Pedometer activity tracker
  • Hole layout view with current position of the player

3.Tom Tom |

GOLFER 2 GPS WATCH |  $249.99   Our Price: $191


If you trust the Tom Tom in your car, you can trust this. Pair it with the MySports app you can track everyone of your shots post round. The watch is also sleek and easy to use.


  • Smart shot detection.
  • Creates a virtual summary of your best holes on a course you’ve played regularly.
  • Automatic scorecard.
  • Pre-loaded with full course data of over 40,000 international golf courses.
  • View unique green and hazard graphics before you take your shot.

4. SkyGolf |

SkyCaddie LINX GT|  $299.95

The simple looking GPS watch is much more. Yes, it gives you precision accuracy to bunkers and greens, but it provides a whole lot more. By downloading an app, it opens up a world of possibilities for this watch. You will have a full HD layout of the hole and a virtual caddie.


  • Preloaded with 35000 course maps with accurate distances
  • Use your smart phone with the SkyCaddie Mobile gps app
  • Auto shot tracking works in the background to track the location and distance of each shot automatically
  • SkyGolf 360, all your auto shot tracking data is wirelessly uploaded to your personal performance locker to analyze your game and learn your shot tendencies
  • Smartphone notification alerts, digital scorecard, statistic tracking, odometer and sunlight readable display with reverse polarity background


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